International B2B Apparel Fair at the Largest Apparel Industry Center in Europe

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Networking zone

The event will feature a dedicated networking zone, designed to share experiences and build lasting business relationships. Industry meetings provide an excellent platform to expand your network of contacts and create a stable base of potential partners and customers.

Educational panel

Multiple keynote speeches and an industry conference led by renowned speakers, experienced practitioners and experts in the field.

Welcome packages

We provide professional badges and personalized welcome packets for all registered participants, delivered directly to the address provided on the registration form.

You will be part of the fastest growing trade show

The Trends Expo is an unparalleled platform for industry professionals, providing a unique opportunity to establish strategic business partnerships and maximize wholesale transactions. Active participation in this prestigious event contributes to raising the prestige of the brand in the sector, while opening up opportunities to sell both the freshest collections and those from the archives.

Thanks to its contractual nature and dynamic character, the fair is becoming a key point in the calendar of fashion events in this part of Europe.

You will present your products and services to thousands of consumers

In the booming fashion industry, awareness of the latest trends is a key element of success for every participant. The growing dominance of e-commerce sales makes it more and more interesting not only for apparel products, but also for the latest trends and the presence of apparel brands in the online space. These important aspects will be the main topics of discussion at the upcoming Apparel Industry Congress. The event provides a unique opportunity for an in-depth exchange of ideas and analysis of the most current issues affecting the apparel sector.

You will gain valuable knowledge and get to know news of the market

Our trade shows offer access to high-quality training courses, seminars and specialized conferences that will allow you to gain key knowledge, ready for practical application in your business.

Make valuable business contacts

At a trade show event, you will have the opportunity to have strategic conversations and build valuable business relationships that can lead to significant contracts. Trade fairs provide a unique platform not only to expand your customer base, but also to explore market needs. This knowledge will allow you to better tailor your offerings to your customers’ expectations, resulting in increased business profitability.

You will gain valuable knowledge and get to know news of the market

EXPO TRENDS – International Apparel&Fashion Expo is the largest and most modern trade fair complex in Poland, dedicated to business, commercial and entertainment events. The idea of ​​creating it results from the need to organize fairs, congresses, training, mass events and other events using an innovative exhibition system.

An excellent location in the center of Poland, in Rzgównear Łódź, directly next to national road No. 1 and at the intersection of the S8 and S14 expressways, guarantees quick and convenient access from every part of the country.

About the organizer

Through our robust network of industry contacts, we attract both exhibitors and sponsors to the show, providing you with access to the latest and most innovative products and services in the apparel industry.

Our priority is to constantly seek new and exciting ways to enhance the appeal of trade shows, providing a fresh and thrilling experience for attendees. Our team is distinguished by its flexibility, its ability to adapt quickly to changing circumstances, and its efficient handling of unforeseen challenges that may arise during an event.

We are ready to make quick decisions and take action to ensure that the fair runs smoothly and that all participants have a positive experience.

Dedicated trade fair development

See the fair stand catalog and prepare to participate in the fair even more effectively.

Thanks to the catalog, you have the opportunity to use ready-made stand designs, which will make your preparations for the fair easier and will also save you valuable time and money. By choosing a ready-made stand design, you will be able to focus on other important aspects of preparation for the fair, such as preparing an offer, organizing transport or planning marketing activities.

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International Clothing Fair in the Largest Center
B2B clothing and textile industry in Europe.

PTAK S.A. 2024
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International Clothing Fair in the Largest Center
B2B clothing and textile industry in Europe.

PTAK S.A. 2024
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International Clothing Fair in the Largest Center
B2B clothing and textile industry in Europe.

PTAK S.A. 2024